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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

What Are These?

                                                                  Finished product.
                                                                       The tool.
I had a craving for potato chips and  also had a bunch of fresh potatoes so I decided to fry some up. I've got to tell you. That big chip maker's chips had nothing on these. Wish I could show you the whole pan full but they were going as fast as I could make them! Three different flavors were made including RealSalt, Tony's creole seasonong, and Simply Organic all-seasons salt. I enjoyed the RealSalt ones the most, but they were all good.
This manual food processor is a blessing. It came with 5 cones for slicing and grating and I found it at an antique mall several years ago. You can purchase them new at places like Lehman's hardware but I have found three of them at antique malls and auctions. My daughter opted for buying a new one when she was visiting Lehman's a few years ago.
You'd be surprised at what you can do at home sometimes. Keeps you from spending money and from having to go somewhere. And you get the satisfaction of having done it yourself; not to mention: things are always tastier and better when made at home.
Hope your days at home are profitable and enjoyable.


  1. Your chips look delicious! We also enjoy sweet potato fries, but I haven't yet made them into chips. I'll have to keep an eye out for a contraption like yours! I just use a very cheap mandolin for slicing, but I have to watch that I don't slice my fingers. Your food processor would make the job much easier!

  2. Hi there! I just ran across your blog and have to say I love the tool. Must.Have. Thank you for posting about it. Btw, I'm drooling over those chips.

  3. Thanks Brenda and Magnolia! Hope you can find one of the tools.