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Saturday, May 25, 2013


We're not moving in yet, but we're getting closer. Moving is never easy and some places are harder to leave than others. The hardest part about leaving the last one is the way that our grandchildren felt about it. Our four year old grandson talked to me on the phone one day and asked why we were moving and said that we should stay there. That's the stuff that really tugs at your heart! All of our grandchildren felt that way! Knowing that we will make many more memories comforts us.
The circumstances surrounding the sale of the last place were difficult, but the new place has many pluses. It is much better suited to living without air conditioning, there is more pasture, it has a great place for the wood cook stove, more room, better out buildings, and it is in a beautiful spot. Very much to be thankful for!
We will probably be using the Internet at the library for a while. Lots of new adventures!

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